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Electronics Design Partners helps you meet your revenue goals by bringing your product to market. We guarantee charges for our services to be less than your own corporate burdened labor rate. Simply put, we will get your product into your customers' hands quicker and for less money than if you designed it yourself. Our business and technical services cross all disciplines. We pride ourselves in our ability to "out clever" your competitors by innovating unique solutions, features and approaches that frankly never occurred to them. While immersing ourselves in your market, we embrace the needs of your customers. We're not just the specialists you call to solve a problem of narrow scope. We become your partner in all aspects of product development.

If you have the need to develop strategic relationships for supply chain or contract manufacture, EDP will assist you with that as well.
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We take pride in the work we do and are grateful for the thanks we get. But we know that it is because we stand on the shoulders of others that we climb so high and see so far. Our clients, our colleagues and our business partners contribute to everything we do. They say you are judged by the company you keep. In our eyes that is high praise indeed.
We believe that excellence in design is derived from optimizing architectures and creating seamless interfaces. Everything has an architecture best suited to its inherent task. Mechanical packaging, GUI layout, ease of assembly, product installation, signal integrity, power development and distribution, information flow, and software organization are but a few. Likewise there are ideal interfaces best suited to join these architectures. This is how we approach design. This is why we yield superior results.
Recent Projects
Our designs ship. That's a big differentiator. We go beyond ideas to implementation.
Cellular M2M - GSM/CDMA
Wearable Electronics - ECG/EKG
GPS Location and Frequency Disciplining
Down Hole & Environmental Sensors
Satellite Radio Transmitters (certified)
We bring an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience to the table.
Consumer Audio - Beam Forming
Space - Shuttle Pilot Controls
Industrial Test Equipment - Bluetooth
Military Defense - Thermal Imaging
Logistics - UPS Signature Clipboard